Why Advertise With tTap?

Android users unlock their devices 150 times per day on average [1]. Every time a device running tTap is unlocked, an ad for APPLICATION could be shown. The smartphone market is growing rapidly and more than 1.4 million new Android devices are activated every day [2]. tTap represents a new and unique way to reach out and engage an enormous audience.

Targeting Your Audience

Campaigns can be purchased to reach the widest audience possible or can be highly specific in their targeting parameters to reach niche audiences (ie. content, geographic, time of day, interests, etc).

Measurable Results

tTap offers detailed campaign performance reports. Use these detailed analytics to verify delivery, determine campaign effectiveness, and experiment with different targeting parameters and creatives.

Prime Location and Size

tTap displays rich, full screen creatives that will grab the attention of your audience each time they unlock their phone. Unlike the limits of small banner ads, tTap gives you a full screen of real estate for your creative.

Unbeatable Value

Offering CPM and CPA, tTap can accommodate almost any budget. All campaigns include ad serving costs, detailed analytics, and exceptional personal customer service.

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